Mohit Gaur

Hamari Adhuri Kahani

Mohit’s words on the video:

As Apparent from the title this is a Cover of the beautiful song Hamari Adhuri Kahani
But For all those who are wondering what this Story Cover and #MyRoomProject actually is here is the real Description!
Well a story cover is a short narration been done right before the beginning of the song. It gives a different flavour to the usual song you hear! and what else ..umm just go take this 3min trial! you will love it!

And this Video and Audio combination that you were hearing, was shot by a God Damn SINGLE CAMERA!! Audio recorded and worked upon in a sweet lil Room Setup of mine In just TWO days! You know For the sake of simplicity and moreover to save our cash , we did it all by ourselves! So this aint a very BIG PROJECT! its Raw! its Simple! nd to Pay respect to our lil sweet room we like to call it #MyRoomProject!

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